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Below is a picture of those who medaled in the race.
Pictured in no particular order:

Female 1-13: 1st: Cara Smith; 2nd: Zariah Klawinski
Female 14-18: 1st: Karis McElhaney; 2nd: Maddy Martin; 3rd: Abigail Martin
Female 30-39: 1st: Kari McGranahan; 2nd: Katie Cianci; 3rd: Joyce Solada
Female 40-49: 1st: Michele Jewett; 2nd: Lynne Johnson; 3rd: Michelle Lentz
Female 50-59: 1st: Cindy Barnes; 2nd: Tammy Martin
Female 60-69: 1st: Kathy Jones; 2nd: Cindy Morris; 3rd: Maggie Shaughnessy
Female 70+: 1st: Jeanne Kennedy

Male 1-13: 1st: James Alexander; 2nd: Clay Solada; 3rd: Ethan Perry
Male 14-18: 1st: Jonathan Jewett; 2nd: Levi Solada
Male 19-29: 1st: Peter J Winkler
Male 30-39: 1st: Edward Reagle; 2nd: Jason Kobialka; 3rd: Russ Prada
Male 40-49: 1st: Brad Beck; 2nd: Jeffrey Odoguardi
Male 50-59: 1st: Gerry Kielar; 2nd: Doug Heverly
Male 60-69: 1st: Peter M Winkler
Male 70+: 1st: Tony Sunseri, 2nd: Richard McClay