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Spiritual Life
Opportunities For Growth:

Opportunities For Growth:

Altar Servers: Beginning in the fourth grade, boys and girls have the opportunity to train and then become Altar servers. There are  Masses daily in which the students are assigned to serve as well as Saturday night and Sunday morning Masses. Children also learn to serve at funerals held at St. Michael or St. Margaret Churches. Any work that is missed during those times listed above is made up within the school day. It is a great honor to be on the Altar during the masses and children are to treat it as such with great respect.

Religious Competition: Children in the sixth grade study and work all year to prepare for the competition that is held at one of the Diocesan elementary schools; it changes each year. Depending on the outcome of that competition, the children can advance to the diocesan competition held in Erie. The sixth grade class in 2009 took 2nd place locally (the first year SMS competed in the  program) and in 2011, the sixth grade won first place locally and 2nd place in the diocesan competition!

St. Paul Home Visits: The seventh and eighth grade classes at SMS take part in visitation of residents at one of our local nursing homes, St. Paul Homes. Once a month, students travel by parent volunteer drivers to the home and are pared up with residents that remain together the entire year. During that time, the student could read or play a game with their resident, they could take them for a walk or even transport them to the home’s beauty parlor. Students learn to appreciate what the elders of our community have to offer and learn a great deal by listening to stories told by the residents. The residents also appreciate the company and thoughtfulness of the students. It has proven to be a wonderful  program for everyone involved. Deacon Frank Luciani oversees and plans the visits from the 7th and 8th graders.
Prayer in the Classroom: Students and faculty are encouraged to begin each class period in prayer. Each day begins with all students praying the Morning Offering together. At noon, students in grades 4 - 8 pray the Angelus before returning to class from lunch. In each classroom there is a prayer table, statue of Mary, and the crucifix. Students are taught age appropriate prayers using the Relgion curriculum set by the Diocese.
Service Projects: Classrooms are encourage to complete various service projects throughout the year. Each month there is a dress down day in which all proceeds benefit a local or Diocesan charity.
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