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Explanation of tuition. Fees charged in the form of tuition cover only part of the cost of educating your child at St. Michael School. It does not support the entire budget necessary to maintain operations for a school year. The actual cost per student for the 2018-2019 SMS school year was over $7,800.00 per student. The parish provides a substantial subsidy to SMS. All students benefit from this subsidy regardless of any other financial assistance a family may receive. Additional sources of funding come from the SMS Endowment Fund, Car Raffle, the Annual Legacy Fund, the Erie Diocese, St. Michael Church’s 40 Club, the EITC (Pennsylvania Tax) program, and private donations and scholarships. However, all tuition payments, regardless of the amount, directly assist SMS in its day-to-day operations. Therefore, it is extremely important that the projected income from tuition is timely submitted in order to meet budget requirements.

The Administration is entrusted with the task of developing an annual budget and, as a part of that task, setting tuition rates and policies. They take all expected funding into account in the course of setting tuition rates, and put forth much effort in making tuition as affordable as possible.



The tuition rates for the 2019-2020 school year are as follows:







1 student

$ 3,500.00

$ 3,500.00

2 students


$ 5,775.00

3 students


$ 7,754.00

4 or more students (each)


$ 250.00

Registration (new student)

$ 100.00

$ 100.00

Snack Fee

$ 75.00


Tech Fee 4-8 (per student)


$ 50.00

Service Fee (per family)

$ 150.00

$ 150.00

Tuition payments will be accepted by SMS in the following ways:

PAYMENT IN FULL - Single Payment due August 20, 2018 (Paid to school)

PAYMENT in Two Installments – due August 20, 2018 and February 20, 2019 (Paid to school)

PAYMENT VIA FACTS – Tuition paid in 4 installments 9/20/18, 11/20/18, 2/20/19, and 4/20/19 (FACTS Enrollment Fee of $42 applies)

PAYMENT VIA FACTS – Tuition paid in 11 installments 9/20/18 through 7/20/19 (FACTS Enrollment Fee of $42 applies)

Monthly payment date through FACTS may be changed to: 5th, 10th, 15th , or 20th of each month.

All families are required to sign the SMS tuition agreement indicating the method of payment chosen.


Technology fee and Service Fee....May be rolled into your FACTS payment account.

A One Time $100.00 registration fee for new students is NOT included in your Tuition Agreement, it is to be paid upon registering your child at the school.


The service fee of $150 assessed to each family will be credited $10 per each service hour to the school. Full credit will be given to families that complete 15 hours prior to the start of the school year. Otherwise, if service is completed during the school year, credit will be given on the next year’s school contract.


Financial hardship


The Administration of SMS understands that sometimes unforeseen events, such as job loss, take place that may affect a families’ ability to make timely tuition payments. If this happens, it is your responsibility to contact the school’s business office to make the necessary arrangements to adjust your tuition payment schedule. SMS will make every effort to secure additional assistance in the case of an unforeseen event. There is no guarantee that funding will be available. Any and all adjustments to a tuition contract shall be in writing and signed by the parent(s) and a member of the school finance committee.


Regardless of the reason of the nonpayment of tuition, the following procedure will take place for families enrolled and with the desire to remain at SMS:

  1. Parents will be notified via a letter and phone call from the school business office that the tuition payment was not received
  2. Parents will be given 30 calendar days to either a) bring the tuition current or b) to meet with representatives of the school business office and sign a tuition repayment agreement.
  3. Failure to bring tuition current may result in termination of student enrollment.


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