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STAR Foundation Scholarship Grants are available to families each year. These monies are made available through the EITC Program that enables state tax revenue for businesses to be directed to scholarship programs. STAR applications can be found by clicking here. They are made available beginning in January  through the school or at the Erie Diocese website  and must be submitted by the date specified. Any applications received after that date will NOT be accepted by the Diocese or by St. Michael School. Community Foundation Application is due to the school office by the specified date.



Scholarships for the 2019-2020 school year are in the process of being updated. 
The following scholarships were awarded for the 2018-2019 school year. Saint Michael School appreciates the support from our donors.
Scholarships generally fall into one of three categories:
Service to the school and community
Financial need
Criteria specific to the scholarship 
Students entering grades K-7: Awards and value may vary year to year:

Knights of Columbus Scholarships: Not awarded for the 2018 School year.

(2) Two $500 boy/one girl. Scholarship funding to be determined annually.
Parent MUST be active K of C Member. Click here for Scholarship Guidelines.....Click here for Scholarship Letter info.
Reynolds VFW Scholarships: 
Parent and/or grandparent must be a member of the Reynolds VFW.
St. Margaret Guild Scholarship:
Amount varies—Child must reside in the Jamestown area and attend St. Margaret Church. 
Greenville VFW, James Jordan, Post 3374 Scholarship:
Amount varies - Financial need
Tony & Mary Dalfonzo Scholarship:
Amount varies - based on Academic Excellence and Christian Service 
Francis T. Westmeyer Memorial Scholarship:
Recipient must have completed at least one year at St. Michael School to be eligible and have had at least a “B+”
average the previous year and has demonstrated community service and a financial need

Becker Cousins Scholarship Fund 
Based on financial need and more than one child in the family currently attending St. Michael School
Paul & Peggy Chianese Scholarship
Financial need 

The following scholarships are available to students entering Grades 3-7:

Becky DeCapua Tokar Memorial Scholarship:
Amount  varies – Recipient must show kindness to others, creativity, financial need,
with additional consideration given to those of Italian descent.

Class of 1965 Scholarship:(2) - Based on financial need

The following scholarships are available for students entering grades 4-8; with preference given to students in the middle school:
Betty Ann Valentine Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship award based on Christian service and financial need. May be divided between two qualified candidates.
Loretta G. Monroe Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship award based on Christian service and financial need. May be dividied between two qualified candidates.

Marguerite Monroe Walton Scholarship
Scholarship awards based on Christian Service and financial need. 

James V. Siciliano Memorial Scholarship
Must be an altar server with financial need.
The following scholarships are available with preference given to students entering Grade 7: if no student meets the criteria, the Edwary and Elizabeth Geis Memorial Scholarship and the Barbara Ann Bayuk Memorial Scholarhsip may be issued to a student in another grade.
Edward and Elizabeth Geis Memorial Scholarship: 
Based on a financial need
Barbara Ann Bayuk Memorial Scholarship:
Amount varies, based on academics AND service to the physical and mentally challenged 

Saint Thomas Aquinas Scholarship:  Is an invested scholarship and varies due to interest rates.

Financial need may be a factor in determining who is selected to receive a scholarship--this listing is updated constantly with any new additions of or changes to amount of each scholarship. 

All of the above scholarships require that the student seeking the scholarship write a  letter for EACH scholarship, explaining why he/she would like to receive that scholarship. Letters must be typed and submitted to the school the last Friday in April of each year. 

Children are also required to send a thank you to the donor of the scholarship. The principal will follow up on this each year.... principal ALSO has right to negate ANY scholarship if this requirement is not met.

Parents may write the letter for younger students or assist in the writing if the child needs help.
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