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Student Involvement:

Student Involvement:

  1. Reading at School Masses and Sunday Masses - when each class hosts their scheduled class Mass, children are asked to volunteer or are picked to do a reading or petitions in front of the congregation.

  2. Participating in retreat readings/activities - each class participates in a class retreat at Camp Nazareth and there are opportunities to be speakers/leaders at that time.

  3. Presenting History Day Project at regional and state level - this is a very big deal for students and parents as it’s the student’s first time at a major project, both preparing and presenting to several judges unknown to them. Top 3 finalists then go to the state competition and ultimately the national level is chosen.

  4. Presenting PJAS projects to  at regional and state level- once again, a very good opportunity pick a topic and then learn how to study, research, trial it and then present findings to support the theory behind it. Students then present to judges on how you went about it.

  5. Class Officers - are elected and voted on by classmates in grades 7 and 8. They are responsible for student activities as well as being the speakers at graduation activities.

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