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Athletics and Activities
Youth Activities at SMS:

Youth Activities at SMS:

Saint Michael School offers a variety of student activities based on the interest of the students each year.
Activities (call school office for complete list of activities):


First in Math:
First in Math offers comprehensive content - ranging from single-step addition to complex algebra - in an engaging format. Students progress at their own pace to master basic and advanced maths skills. This dynamic online program encourages students to practice through IMMEDIATE  FEEDBACK. "Game" activities ensure that students engage in active practice required for skill retention, and motivation is fueled by reinforcement in the form of electronic award stickers when students solve problems correctly. No penalties are levied for incorrect responses, and students become encouraged to take ownership of math learning and practice.
Scholastic Reading Counts:
is an independent reading program for Grades K-12 which combines reading practice and software-based reading assessment. Instructionally flexible, mastery focused, and professionally written, SRC is the program PROVEN to develop reading skills, help raise test scores, and motivate students to achieve reading success.
Academic Competitions: 
PJAS (Grades 7 - 8) or Science Fair (Grades PreK - 8)
Academic League Games of America: (Grades 4 - 8) Ling, Presidents, Equations, World Events, Propaganda  
Duquesne English Festival: Grades 4 - 8 (Grades 4 - 6 is pending the book selection meeting the values of the school for that particular year).
National History Day
Math 24 
Geography Bee (Grades 4 - 8)

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