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Athletics and Activities
Philosophy of Programs:

Philosophy of Programs:

We believe that sports teaches each child what it means to be part of a team; a team in sports and a team in life. We all carry the responsibility to do our very best to support the good of the team, win OR lose. Sports are a wonderful way to build self esteem and confidence beginning at a very young age. Sportsmanship is a very important life lesson that can’t be stressed enough.
The athletics program in a parish setting provides an avenue to teach Christian values of competition, helping young people achieve a balance in their lives in order to attain what is good, right and possible in healthy competition, without adverse effects of overemphasizing competition for the wrong reason.
To take a stance for justice rather than “winning at all costs” and to develop the potential of each participant is a call that is so inherent in the Gospel message of Jesus. Catholic-Christian athletics should and very frequently do, give that witness to the world.
We believe our coaches, no matter the sport, needs to take the time to individually know each player and help them develop their potential abilities. An individual can develop a sense of being a “worthwhile person” through the skillful coaching of a dedicated Christian coach.
Coaches have a great opportunity to help young people to cope with failure, disappointments, hurt, unjust treatment and many of the similar experiences that a young person can have during competition as a member of a team.
  1. We have a "no cut" policy for all sports due to the age of the children within our school and our value of their self-esteem.
  2. The academic standing of a student is important. It is expected that students will complete homework assignments regularly and always give their best effort in the classroom. Poor performance, inability to manage school and athletic demands, and/or failing grades are reason for a parent and principal conference to determine whether or not the child should continue to participate in the sport or activity.
  3. The conduct of a student at games, practices, or during the school day is important, as self-discipline is a key element in the growth and development of a young person. The principal retains the right to limit the participation of a student in athletics due to the failure of that student to follow the code of conduct listed in the school handbook.
  4. If you are absent from school for more than one-half of a school day, you may not attend practice or play in the game that same day. (A special exception is made for those attending the funeral of a family member).
  5. Questions regarding the administration of this policy are to be directed to the principal of Saint Michael School.

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